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September 12 – New Beginnings

This September 11, 2015 was the longest day I’ve had in many years. Literally. It started with a roughly 3 hour train ride to an airport to catch a flight … Continue reading

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September 11

As I write this, the commemoration of the terrorist attacks against the World Trade Center and the Pentagon has come and passed, 14 times.  Passenger airplanes, much like the one on … Continue reading

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A short list of things you could do but should not

Watch the video of the live on-air murder of two journalists.  Death is not entertainment.  You already know what happened.  Have some respect for human life, don’t encourage “murder porn.” Point out … Continue reading

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The time I corrected NPR

…proving once again how devastatingly smart I am.  That’s right, I corrected NPR.  It was all done in the name of honest, high quality journalism, the likes of which our … Continue reading

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I never yell

It is one of those subtle yet distinctive cultural differences, like not getting ice in your drink in Europe unless you ask (and then only 2 – 3 cubes), or … Continue reading

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The month of June is LGBT pride month, pursuant to a Proclamation issued by President Obama on May 31, 2011.  Perhaps it is no coincidence that this June was an … Continue reading

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Some words have multiple meanings, which may or may not bear some relation to one another.  Resignation is such a word.  It is with resignation that I can only tell … Continue reading

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Well damn

Cain Velasquez is human. As I write this Chronicle, a new champion begins his reign as the latest incarnation of the baddest man on the planet holding the UFC heavyweight … Continue reading

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