Guest of Honor

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Are you planning a birthday, a wedding or some other special celebration? Is your organization preparing a fundraiser, a company meeting, or other corporate event? Do you simply need moral support or wish to impress your personal associates at a more intimate get-together?

Set yourself apart from the rest, and add a touch of class to your next event! Invite the Guest of Honor™!
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Christian’s Chronicle™, in association with Promotodog™, is proud to present the Guest of Honor™ program. For the unbelievably low, introductory price of only $10,000.00, you can guarantee that your next event will be one that your guests will not forget!

The Benefits

An event is just an event without a special guest. The Guest of Honor™ offers you the opportunity to announce the presence of your own Guest of Honor™! But wait, there is more! Act now, and you will also receive these additional benefits:

Announcement: A standard benefit of the Guest of Honor™ program is the right to announce the presence of the Guest of Honor™. Join the revelry alongside the Guest of Honor™ as he enters your event, or admire from afar as all eyes fixate upon the Guest of Honor™ as his entry is announced, impressing your attendees. To further impress your guests, you may announce the cost of the Guest of Honor™ program, subject to an additional fee.

Invitation: You will receive, at no additional cost, the right to publish via invitations the presence of the Guest of Honor™ at your next event. You can also take advantage of our optional design services at no charge, to ensure that your print or electronic invitations match the quality standards demanded by the Guest of Honor™! Printing or publicizing services cost extra. Ask for details.

Karaoke: The Guest of Honor™ program is synonymous with legendary performance. You and your guests will be amazed at the vocal stylings, the artistry, and the electrifying, powerful delivery, all at no extra charge! Karaoke equipment not included, but may be provided at extra cost. 

Speaking Engagements & Additional Services

Speech: Some of the most memorable speeches in history have been the privilege of the select few who have had the opportunity to partake in events featuring the Guest of Honor™. Simply provide a topic, and let the Guest of Honor™ handle the rest! Additional charges apply.

Debate: Enliven your event with a brisk debate on a prearranged topic! Your guests will be amazed at your level of intellectual sophistication as you engage in verbal sparring against, or alongside your Guest of Honor™! Style, rules, and subject to be determined prior to the event. Additional charges apply.

Grappling: An other unique part of the Guest of Honor™ program is the optional grappling challenge. Take on the challenge yourself, or have your guest try their luck. Equipment not included. Waivers required. Additional charges apply.

Additional Services: The Guest of Honor™ program is as unique as you are! Feel free to suggest or inquire about other services unique to your event at additional costs to be determined based on the nature of the services. These may include performance & visual art, and other activities per prior agreement. Additional charges apply.

Your Investment

The Guest of Honor™ program was specially designed for sophisticated clients interested in unique experiences. You have reached a certain level of achievement, and you want to share your success with others. The Guest of Honor™ program is a one-of-a-kind and highly effective way to distinguish your event from the rest, and to underscore personal and organizational success. What is the value of a lifetime of memories? What price can be put on an event that cannot be duplicated?

Your guests deserve an unforgettable experience.

Your event deserves a touch of class and sophistication.

You deserve the best!

You deserve to be part of the Guest of Honor™ program!

This is a unique opportunity not available anywhere else, presented exclusively to readers of Christian’s Chronicle™, in association with Promotodog™! The only authentic and original Guest of Honor™ program of its kind is available to you for a limited time for the low introductory price of a $10,000 appearance fee, travel expenses excluded. Contact us to take advantage of this offer before it is too late! This is an unprecedented opportunity that presents an amazing value. Just think of the looks on your guests’ faces; the anticipation leading up to your event; the celebration of the arrival of the Guest of Honor™!

Your event is a reflection of you. Make it unique. Make it unforgettable.

Invite the Guest of Honor™!

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