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July| Vol. 22 No. 8.02 | Christian's Chronicles © 2015 – All rights reserved.

A short list of things you could do but should not

  1. Watch the video of the live on-air murder of two journalists.  Death is not entertainment.  You already know what happened.  Have some respect for human life, don’t encourage “murder porn.”
  2. Point out that it was a racially motivated hate crime.  Yes, it was.  But starting an inflammatory debate based on generalizations about the motivations of a psychotic killer won’t do anyone any good.  People have died in a shocking, tragic manner.  Some will never be able to deal with the loss. Motivations don’t change the result.
  3. Compare the latest shooting to prior shootings, and talk about a coming “race war.”  That sort of lunacy can only happen when enough people perpetuate the wholesale vilification of groups as opposed to taking each individual on his or her own merits.  Whether it’s arguing about whose lives matter, or yelling “F_ the police” or seeking some equivalence with other crimes or debating the bias of news coverage, even if any of that nonsense had any merit, none of these things should matter to how you act and treat others.
  4. Post another dramatic “This must stop” announcement.  That, must stop.
  5. But most importantly, do not watch the video of human beings, persons with rich, full lives like the rest of us, with loved ones who miss them, hopes and dreams, aspirations and mistakes, real living flesh and blood people, getting gunned down, slaughtered on live television.  You can.  Just do a search and you’ll find the video.  It’s all over the news.  But take a stand and refrain from allowing murder to become a bit of entertainment, even if your contribution against this dehumanizing cultural cancer is just one less view online.

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