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Some words have multiple meanings, which may or may not bear some relation to one another.  Resignation is such a word.  It is with resignation that I can only tell you anonymously of an alleged story of a resignation, to protect the identities of all concerned… innocent and guilty alike.  This is partly due to a newly adopted policy of non-attribution here at The Chronicles, as well as the inevitable result of our ever increasing awareness of corporate monitoring of online goings on, which incidentally will no doubt soon yield our own resignation from social media.

But before we resign, here in this episode of The Chronicles, lend your ears to me and hear about the story of the alleged resignation.

Our story begins in an office environment.  In such a place where access to various resources, such as computers, is controlled via the use of certain access cards.  These cards are like so many electronic keys that identify a user and allow him or her access to computers, network resources, and even buildings or entire areas, based on the user’s access level.  One of the golden rules for the use and operation of these cyber magic wands is to always remove the card from a workstation when one leaves the workstation for any reason.

The philosophy behind this rule should be fairly obvious.  If the cards are left at the an unattended workstation, any passer-by can gain access to that workstation and all other resources to which the rightful holder of the access card has permission.  Thus, through training videos galore and reminders a-plenty, this simple rule is never left unmentioned for long.

Still, some forget.

It so happened on the day in question.  A user inadvertently left the access card in the workstation, leaving it exposed for all sorts of nefarious purposes by anyone with ill intentions who happened upon this paradigm of vulnerability.  One such evildoer happened to walk by at an opportune time, and noticed the unattended workstation, and the opportunities it presented.

What to do?  Perhaps a quick peek at the various files and messages left open might yield some good material for blackmail?  Maybe planting something that had not previously been present on the user’s computer would be the way to go?

No!  The course of action would be even more sinister.

The email application, wide open and so enticing, so.. available for all sorts of shenanigans.   Might it yield some useful information? Perhaps some mischief or some airing of the laundry?  Oh, no.  There are better things to be done with such power at our fingertips.

Why not type a letter of resignation to the boss?


It just so happened that the boss was in a meeting at the time, right next door.  With ninja-like stealth and the cool, nonchalant bravado of James Bond, the perpetrator proceeded to type the subject line of a fateful email:


The email then continued to state that the apparent sender from whose account it had originated, no longer enjoyed work there and wished to move on to bigger and better things.  He had been none too pleased with peer evaluations, and the office atmosphere was not much fun, either.

The mischief was finished before the soon-to-be-former employee who had left his workstation unattended had returned, and before the meeting was over.

Then, the message eventually was received.

Questions were asked.

People were called into offices.  Discussions were had, questioning the validity and authenticity of the email.  Incredulity was expressed.  More questions were asked.  Others were called into the office.  And finally, after much in the way of raised blood pressure and eyebrows, it was all straightened out.

No one was fired; no one had resigned.

But some laughter was had.  By some, more than others.

That is the story of the alleged resignation.


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