Christian's Chronicles

July| Vol. 22 No. 8.02 | Christian's Chronicles © 2015 – All rights reserved.

Of rooftops, basements, and slams

This edition of The Chronicles recounts the adventures of that elusive superhero, the Slamhound, whose fearsome howling has been heard across the globe, most recently in the remote and not-so-remote corners of Asia.  Some say the distinctive call of the Slamhound portends the oncoming eruption of a volcano.  Others claim it is the rare mating call of the even more elusive beast, as he leaps from rooftop to rooftop, warning evildoers of his presence and tempting maidens with his majestic, irresistible, animal magnetism.  The below photograph was provided to our editors as an imaginative recreation of a Slamhound’s-eye-view during his evening odysseys looking down at the people of the city below.


Whatever the truth may be regarding this mythical hero and his legendary exploits, this Chronicle is not strictly about Slamhound, but rather, it is a tale of a slam of a different type.

A story slam.

For this, we must journey to the netherworld of a cozy basement bar with the feel of a hidden secret barely noticeable from outside, but filled with the cult-like devotion of a friendly crowd of mostly expats, indie-alternative-rock music, libations, and an open mic.   The event was dubbed a “story slam” with the theme of ‘advice’ – whether good, bad, or the ugly type.  Over the course of the evening, names were drawn from a hat, and the selected orator approached the stage drawing confidence from the cheers of the enthusiastic, supportive crowd urging him or her to tell a true story with as much passion and entertainment value as can be packed into a 9 minute time-frame and the constraints of a smaller cellar-bar.

One of the stories told is a tale that has been told once before on The Chronicles.  It was appropriate for a ‘story slam’ as it is a story, which involves several slams.  A tale of grit, determination, intoxication, and midget attacks.  A tale that readers, should they wish to do so, can once again experience in its full glory here:

From the archives

Of memes and midget wrestling

Of memes and midget wrestling

We hope you enjoy the flashback, as much as it was enjoyed as it happened, as it was retold on The Chronicles, as well as most recently at the story slam.

And, as always, watch out for midgets… eh, little people.

The Management


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