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Confessions of a Racist – part 1

After much soul-searching, I had to face my demons and admit:

I am a racist.

I was blind to this knowledge until confronted by scientific evidence, I had no choice but to yield to the persuasion of facts and rational argument.  It was that provided this epiphany, by way of a piece with a subtle title:

10 ways white people are more racist than they realize

This unambiguous universal declaration that all white people are racist was a shock at first.  The statement is not qualified by “some” white people, therefore it applies to all.  And if they are more racist than they realize, they must all be at least somewhat racist.  Thus, since whether I like it or not I am identified as “white” I must therefore also be a racist.

It could not be so.  Or could it?

Looking at the headline, I was in stunned silence as I hung up my robe, removed my hood, and washed the smell of gasoline off my hands.  I had just returned from one of our “white people’s cultural gatherings.”  All the while I thought our bonfires were just traditional celebrations to unite and serve our humble community, with chants  (‘white power’) to really focus on a positive, uplifting message of empowerment.  How could our benevolent race that has for so long tirelessly pursued the sacred mission of civilizing the inferior ethnic-types possibly be viewed as racist, given our charitable nature?

I had to confront this stunning procalmation by digging deeper.  And to my surprise, not long after starting to skeptically read the shocking publication, I soon began to be swayed by it. This was not some inflammatory opinion-piece, but more like a mathematical proof based on 10 different studies.

My racism is why college professors responded to my queries.  The first study proved this.  It showed that when sending out samples of the same query letter on behalf of fictitious students with white-sounding or non-white sounding names, further dividing into male and female names, the white male names are more likely to receive a reply within a defined time-frame.

Therefore, white people are racist.

Facts are facts, and here is an excerpt of some of the facts from that study (p. 53 to be exact):

If you look at the little monochrome bars above, the ones pointing up from the horizontal line show ‘reverse discrimination,’ i.e., instances where white-sounding names such as “Brad Anderson” received replies at the same rate or less frequently than names signifying another ethnicity.

However, that only happened with females, black females, black males, and Hispanic males – at public universities.

Oops, there I go stating only ‘females’ where I meant to say Caucasian females so as not to presume that an ethnic identifier is not necessary with the case of ‘normal white people.’  There’s that racism creeping through again.  Anyway, the study lumped white females in with the other minorities, so as to prove that white males receive preferential treatment.

If you don’t count the (white) females, black females, black males, and Hispanic males, who seem to receive at least as good as or preferential treatment at public schools.

However, since I am not an expert on statistics, I just decided to leave the number-tallying to the professional experts.  I was convinced and I can now admit my own racism, which I now realize was what got me through several degree programs at public institutions – although my name sounds nothing like that lucky bastard “Brad Anderson” or the other fellow “Steven Smith.”  I wonder if “Tibor Kovacs” or for that matter “Yuri Gagarin” would also rise as far above doomed terrestrial mortals due to having such obviously Caucasian names?

And this definitive proof of my individual racism was but one of the 10 scientific studies, all reaffirming the same.  White people are less moved by the pain of people of color.  White people are less likely to go to jail for doing drugs.  Black men receive lengthier sentences for the same crimes as white men.  And the list goes on.

All of which point directly to: those white men enjoying their ‘white privilege’ are racist.


How can anyone argue with these statistics and such impeccable proof?

The Management.

P.S.: With all the hoopla about race nowadays, from corporations and their ill-advised attempts to exploit current events through campaigns that inevitably backfire, to proclamations based on pseudo-scientific number-crunching in the inferiority-complex-laden fields of the ‘soft sciences’ by ‘researchers’ in their efforts to be taken seriously as academics, perhaps one would be better advised to exercise that oft-repeated but seldom practiced skill of critical thinking, rather than blindly repeating simplistic, reductionist, inflammatory nonsense.

No individual is defined by any statistic.

No person is a perfectly predictable pattern of behavior.

No human being is defined solely by race.



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