Christian's Chronicles

July| Vol. 22 No. 8.02 | Christian's Chronicles © 2015 – All rights reserved.

The Journey Begins

The long awaited journey has begun. But let us not gloss over the magical activities of the kickoff party, a bonanza of revelry and grandeur spanning three glorious days, the likes of which the midtown/downtown Sacramento area is not likely to see again.

Granted, most chose to opt for the ‘home participation’ option on Sunday, with some football game playing a prominent role in their activities.

Nonetheless, the belongings of one F-list celebrity were successfully moved to a safe location, and one Chronicler has made his daring escape from the clutches of the powers that be, evading “Them” (with a capital ‘T’).

Then, tragedy struck.

An early, but not insurmountable blow to the aspirations of a freebird even before he has spread his wings: the same laptop computer on which these words are thoughtfully composed at this very moment has been tragically mutilated.

Or perhaps it is art.

Whatever the cause, the screen appears bisected, with one side splattered with a curious formation of black clusters, accented by a horizontal rainbow of thin straight lines of playful colors with greed, blue, red, purple, magenta, and a host of othersranging from top to the bottom of the screen, but alas, as of this writing, no pot of gold has been found at either end.

An illustration will soon follow, but the above description (along with accessibility software) should satisfy our visually impaired clients.

This, of course, is the work and the result of a devious plan orchestrated by ‘Them.’  But ‘They’ cannot stop the soaring spirit of freedom, hoisted by lofty ideals and the hot air of philosophy (and the cold breeze of the law).

Rest assured, loyal readers, that The Chronicles will continue to fight the good fight, bringing you the deranged demagoguery spewing forth from the hand crafted, tasty goodness of its naturally intoxicating sources.

Signing off, from the right side of the physical and metaphorical screen:

The Management


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