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Democracy inaction

OK, so that is a lame attempt at a joke. But last night, The Chronicle bore witness to democracy in action. Yes, it seems our efforts to encourage regional transit to adopt a military discount are coming to fruition.

Last night, RT had a board meeting, and representatives of The Chronicles were on hand, armed with the petition we have covered in past issues and poised to speak on behalf of the cause. But our efforts were preempted when one of the board members spontaneously made references to some emails he had been receiving regarding a petition…

It seems had been sending regular updates to whom many thought to be only the eventual final recipients of the ‘completed’ petition, all along. This, along with the support of the crowd and the various business cards and offers to help with the cause, as well as RT’s own offers to help accomplish our goal were very encouraging, and pleasantly surprising. Our staff was impressed by the level of public support, and RT’s cooperative and helpful stance.

Soon, the military discount will be a reality and a manifestation of democracy in action.

Unless it runs into bureaucratic obstacles and democracy inaction…

On a sad and more serious note, the board meeting ended with a brief moment to commemorate two officers who lost their lives in the line of duty last Friday in a violent shootout in the Sacramento area. We at The Chronicles offer our condolences to the families and loved ones of these brave police officers.

In an upcoming edition of The Chronicles, we will surely offer more incendiary and controversial remarks, as loyal readers have come to expect. For now, we offer only our sympathy.


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