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Here is a hodge-podge of goings-on, with a loosely connected theme of surprise:

1.  The Thursday Surprise.  This past Thursday, the team of entertainment reporters who tirelessly supply readers of The Chronicles with news and critique of the highest caliber descended upon an establishment that can accurately be described as a ‘dive.’  There was live music, and the thing upon which our reporters usually look with much disdain, but which usually accompanies a live band: a cover charge.

Why our team was persuaded to uncharacteristically agree to pay this fee for the opportunity to give the establishment even more money after entry with the full expectation of tone-deaf crooning and uninspired performances bereft of talent remains a mystery.  Perhaps it was a decision motivated by certain of our staff members having been mistaken for security personnel; i.e., a simple escape plan from the awkward situation.

Be that as it may, once our staff entered the otherwise unremarkable establishment, it became clear that the artistry rose to an unexpectedly high level far above our reporter’s expectations, which admittedly had been beaten down to quite low standards by experiences of prior auditory assaults perpetrated by the efforts of ‘live attractions’ in similar venues.

Nay, this past Thursday, the sound, the show, the entire performance was of such value that our cheapskate reporters almost did not regret the $7 cover.  The artist was JW Jones, along with some special guests.  And – the bottom line is, it was entertaining.  Not just the cute little stunts of all 3 musicians playing one guitar, but the entire show was quite enjoyable.

2 people playing 1 guitar

2 people playing 1 guitar

2.  Surprise pokings.  A short while ago, our team of investigative reporters decided to do a story on acupuncture.  This had the double benefit of informing the loyal readers of The Chronicles of the efficacy of a certain method of ‘alternative medicine’ as well as the personal benefit to one of our own team members, who had been plagued with certain health conditions for months now, which very frequently prevented him from getting a good night’s sleep.

It seems to have worked.  At least for now.  The investigation continues.  Look for a full report in an upcoming edition of The Chronicles, soon.

3.  Surprise hack attack.  Our technology & innovation reporting section has infiltrated an organization known as ‘Hacker Lab‘ – by simply walking in and pretending to be one of the many members of the interested public taking advantage of a 2-week free trial period.  This place appears to be a collaborative environment to foster the development of – well, we are not quite sure what.  The investigation is on-going.

It seems that even members of our staff have already been ensnared into webs of collaboration revolving around things that are ‘creative’ and possibly even ‘beneficial,’ and other troubling descriptors.  Stay tuned for updates.

These developing stories, as well as others, underscore the wisdom of the maxim that we at The Chronicles have long ago adopted: the key to happiness in life is low expectations.  They are made for pleasant surprises.

There is much more to chronicle, but time is a precious resource – yet the only thing of which we all have the same amount: 24 hours in a day.  Look for updates on the petition for a Military discount on public transit (rumored to be presented to the RT board of directors very soon), as well as these and other stories found exclusively in the journalistic excellence of the most beloved publication in all media, these here Chronicles.

The Management.


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