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Countdown to poll-day!

As loyal readers already know, The Chronicles supports a petition on requesting a 50% Military discount to current and former service members on Regional Transit, which in the Sacramento area happens to be known by the creative name of ‘RT.’

What readers may not fully appreciate is that RT has a board meeting next week.  At this meeting, the petition will be presented to the board.  Here at The Chronicles, we are confident that we can reach the requisite 100 signatures (at the time of this writing, we need only 7 more!).

We will be there live to cover the events!

In fact, we have been to a board meeting once before, and advocated on behalf of a Military discount.  This petition is the follow-up effort, to show the board that there is public support for this concept.  So do what you can and get your friends to sign!

The Chronicles will continue to cover this riveting exclusive story we like to call “the March for the Military (discount)…”

Stay tuned for sporadic updates!

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