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Brilliant parody or tasteless cry for attention?

No, this time we are not asking the loyal readers of The Chronicles about the contents of The Chronicles. Rather, the inquiry concerns the recent uproar about the latest antics of one Miley Cyrus, of former ‘Hannah Montana’ fame who has done everything short of human sacrifice to distance herself from that Disney character image in the most shocking ways imaginable.

Hannah Montana 2: Meet Miley Cyrus

Hannah is gon-a (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

A recent article, complete with a slide-show of illustrative photographs, outlines the gory details of her performance that left many parents demanding their money back in what was a 14-and older event. The kicker is, of all places, this critique appears in the bastion of filth which by some miracle passes as legitimate reading packaged as women’s magazine under the well-known brand Cosmopolitan. Cosmo has been ferociously racing toward the lowest common denominator in every issue, with more sexual content than the less reputable male-oriented counterparts such as Hustler magazine. The difference lies not in the nature of the content, but in its representation. Whereas Hustler attacks the visual senses with explicit imagery, Cosmopolitan corrupts the mind with an overflow of descriptive sexual content to the extent that there is no room left for anything else on the cover. The word ‘sex’ sometimes appears twice in the same headline aptly illustrated by: “The sexiest things to do after sex.” (Yes this appeared on the cover of Cosmo) Worse yet, it normalizes this distortion of values with an aura of semi-legitimacy as a mainstream publication in the same way in which feminist complaints against pornography allege the normalization of female degradation and dehumanization by the explicit acting-out of male sexual domination fantasies in porn. Yet even this publication described Miley’s performance in the following, less-than flattering terms:

The most OMGWTF moments of her Bangerz tour so far. (Warning: makes for uncomfortable viewing.)

Now, there is nothing wrong with sex or expressing sexuality, although perhaps age restrictions are sometimes appropriate. This is something with which Cosmo would certainly agree, given their penchant for applying an overabundance of the very same expression on the cover of each issue. Perhaps it is just the manner of expression that is questionable. There is no accounting for taste, I suppose.

To use contemporary ‘lingo’ – I am not a ‘hater.’ I actually feel sorry for Miley as I see her behavior as a desperate, misguided, self-degrading cry for attention in a vain-attempt at defining a new identity for a hollow existence without values, character, or dignity. Perhaps that overstates the issue. In any event, one way to describe this phenomenon is this:

A melt-down of a disturbed, ugly little train-wreck waiting to happen.

Another would be to look at the performance as a parody of contemporary culture, intentional or not. Perhaps Miley is a (possibly unwitting) reflection of the cultural and/or moral void that our mass-marketed, cyber-space, narcissistic, virtual reality consumer culture has become.

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Here’s a link to a video that may be used for research purposes

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