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I hate Samsung

Image representing Samsung Electronics as depi...

The object of my intense hatered. Image via CrunchBase

I would like to use my small pulpit to announce to the world that I hate Samsung®.

Samsung is not the only culprit, but they are a major cause of my frustration with Skype™. I use Skype™ to communicate with members of Christian’s Nation™ across the globe. Rather, I used to be able to use Skype™ for this purpose. However, since some unfortunate upgrades, or fixes, or whatever, the latest drivers and such do not allow the program to… work.

This, of course, is just the tip of the iceberg.

Trying to get support is even more difficult. In fact, they make it downright impossible. For one, they require you to upload your motherf_(%ing receipt! Then, their online forms are tab-proof. That’s right, you cannot simply tab from one field to another. It takes you to the field descriptor, leaving you to press various buttons in a vain effort to enter your data!

It’s a good thing they asked me if I want to take a survey upon completion of my visit to their site. Oh, yes. Yes, I do want to take a survey. I hope you will provide me with the freedom to express how I feel about you, your brand new computer you sold me, with its latest updates, and the frustration it causes me with Skype™! Never mind that Skype™ now is part of that evil empire with its evil tricks trying to get you to sign in to a Microsoft account… you can still get around that if you are careful enough not to fall into their traps and download the desktop version.

Just a small hitch: the desktop version does not work! Well, not with the latest drivers from Samsung, anyway. Or was it the latest Skype™ update? I’m not sure, but it is just another reminder why getting the latest of anything is almost always a bad idea.

IT administrators have long known this, while dumba$$ geeks who pay the nerd-tax on every latest gadget by paying more for having it six months early are also plagued with being the guinea pigs who have to suffer through all the bugs before they are caught and corrected…

…and I guess I am one of them.

Woe be to ye who updateth to the latest version of anything! You too might be stuck writing bitter blog entries prompted by the merciless repetition of an error message such as:


Now, to complete that survey…



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