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Some guy wrote this

Have you read one of those viral funny stories online about some guy who did ‘X’ and then hilarity ensued complete with a recorded trail of witty messages and replies? There are lots of them making their way through cyber-space.

They are fake.

Every single one. Starting with Elan Gale’s in-flight bitch hoax, and if you don’t know who Elan Gale is, you are not alone. I did not know, either. Apparently he’s done some things of significance in the entertainment industry. But you may have seen the hoax. I’ve already discussed this, and other hoaxes that serve as reminders to be skeptical about pretty much everything online, not just WikiPedia.

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So what if they are fake? Some find them entertaining. I suppose some of the entertainment value lies in the assumption that they are real. Perhaps the distinction between a hoax and a real story is not unlike the difference between a simulated ‘love scene’ via the artistry and illusions created by actors and cameras in a mainstream movie and the in-your-face reality of an ‘adult’ movie. Yet in one context we prefer the simulation, while in another we want reality.


In any event, I thought I’d experiment with this, but do it in a somewhat more honest and interesting fashion. Perhaps I ought to think up funny, or entertaining, or both funny and entertaining stories and present them as though they were the true chronicles of a real person. (And no, The Chronicles has not been doing this all along…)


Perhaps I ought to put a poll at the end of each Chronicle, with the question:

Is this Chronicle (a) real or (b) fiction?

This might make it more interesting for me, as well as for the dozens… AND DOZENS of Chronicle readers who comprise Christian’s Nation™. I am fortunate to have had some rather odd experiences in life, and I in fact was once (that I know of) directly confronted by a doubting, violently angry person who called into question the veracity of some of the simple facts of my life… But that is a story for another Chronicle.

For now, I’ll just stop by contemplating this thought: maybe I’ll mix in some fictional Chronicles among the true-life Chronicles, and let the readers try to guess which is which. Why not? It might be fun.

The Management

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