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Long time followers of The Chronicles will note that it has changed and evolved over time, since its initial publication, the date of which was lost to the ages long ago. Scholars maintain that sometime even prior to the turn of the century, the initial forms of The Chronicles were already taking shape in the deepest, darkest recesses of the interconnected network of nodes and electrical impulses that simultaneously describes both the cranial contents of one man, and the medium that has since evolved into what we now know as ‘the Web.’ The ascent of the Chronicles to the literary, artistic and journalistic apex of human communication facilitated by the latest technology was characterized by transformation. Every era must come to an end, and even Valhalla must burn to ashes, washed away by oceans of time, cleansed of the sins of the past, only to be reborn with the fearless innocence of a child destined for greatness.

So it has come to be that a new age of The Chronicles is about to hatch, or so it seems, from the eggshell-skull that is the withered and torn housing for the fatty tissue of neural networks responsible for composing the tempestuous symphony I call my consciousness, and so much more. Indeed, much of The Chronicles trace their origin to that other part of the physiological ‘gray matter,’ which is not unlike the concept of ‘dark matter’ in astrophysics. In what ways, you ask dear reader, can two terms so unlike in meaning be reconciled, except for a superficial similarity with regard to a common reference to shade and the use of the vague identifier ‘matter?’ Does it matter? The resolution of such linguistic and artistic perplexities lies in the unknown, which is not only a word that aptly describes the origins of this paragraph, but also the common element I wish to discuss.

The part left over after extracting ‘consciousness’ from the workings of the brain, is actually quite a bit more substantial than the former, just as the postulated ‘dark matter’ is hypothesized to constitute a significant amount of the mass of the universe, unless someone forgot to carry the four, or made some other significant error in calculation. And – they are both largely unknown.

So how do we know what we do not know? Well, on a very simplistic model it goes something like this. We can calculate the ‘bandwidth’ of consciousness, i.e. how much information we can handle consciously, and then use various intriguing tests to see how we are affected on a subconscious, or non-conscious level despite our apparent conscious UN-awareness of either stimulus or effect. This one sentence explanation is all I care to provide in this post, but lucky for you, dear reader, I am here to do the thinking for you so you don’t have to. So just trust me and keep drinking the Kool-aid (while noting that Kool-aid is a registered trademark of Kraft Foods…)

After such numerous digressions and nonsensical, pompous language with (arguably) poor usage of terminology and unnecessary padding of loosely related words and phrases, here’s the skinny:

  1. The editors have been rumored to re-think the ‘Featured Chronicle Reader’ feature, and the launch of the re-vamped version based on a similar concept is anticipated to occur sometime in early 2014
  2. A new concept with a dedicated page is brewing, offering readers an opportunity to participate more robustly. Specifically, readers will be invited to share their chronicles and mix them like a cocktail to produce a variety of flavors of Christian’s Chronicles. This will be a new and exciting concept that will once again revolutionize media, much like The Chronicles have already revolutionized worldwide communication on numerous occasions.
  3. The launch of some products and promotional materials. Coming soon!
  4. More media – leveraging various other social media platforms, as well as video, audio, and other technologies.
  5. Several other projects, which will require some fundraising, team-building, and help from others. One (or more) of these: an App!

Unfortunately, the legal department (me) is telling the editors (me) that we (me… I) cannot release any more information at this time, since the lofty goals I have outlined may never come to fruition (let’s face it, the odds are against it) but it is fun to contemplate these ideas and think, what if? Until that time comes, we shall live in the twilight of the idols awaiting the end of this world and the birth of a new one, like the tragic heroes that we are, fated to fall but destined for glory.

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