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Random sporadic update


Greetings from beautiful Hawaii. The Chronicles have not been properly updated for a while, jeopardizing the faith our dearly beloved readers place in the regularity of the journalistic excellence delivered with each issue.

This, however, is also not a proper update.

It is merely a ‘check-in’ to ensure that The Chronicles bubble to the surface of the collective consciousness of our viewing public, providing just enough information to remain aloft in a baloon of ego inflated by hot air.

As you ponder whether the previous sentence is even intelligible, consider this: yours truly is presently in Honolulu, Hawaii. My journeys have taken me from California to the Philippines, where I had the honor of volunteering with disaster recovery efforts, then Thailand, where, among other things, I ate a scorpion, then Korea, Guam, and now Hawaii. Much of this was unplanned, and unexpected, but a great experience thus far, despite an infected wound that seems to have cleared up by now, thankfully.

My journey started with a compulsion to help the victims of the recent disasters, and thanks to All Hands Volunteers I was able to do more than just send a few dollars of support. I met amazing people, made new friends, and did what I could to help, through it all being humbled by an inspiring experience that changed my perspective on life in many ways. Now, I am finishing up my trip with probably the best final stop before I return to the mainland.

It was a funny coincidence, but also somewhat appropriate, that I watched a silly 2008 movie called “Yes Man” on the departing flight that started my journey. It stars Jim Carrey, whose dull and jaded life changes profoundly after he commits to saying ‘yes’ to everything for a year. Though not quite that drastic, but I decided to adopt a similar attitude, which is how I ended up in Korea, Guam, and Hawaii. I also happened to read a book called Pushups in the Prayer Room about a man’s year-long journey around the world. My journey is not quite of such epic proportions, but hey, it’s not a competition… Maybe The Chronicles will publish a book about my much shorter, but no less meaningful experiences as a volunteer and space-A traveler! Stranger things have happened. 😉

Right now, however, beaches are calling my name. Oh, one more piece of good news – the camera, which I thought had called it quits on me, is now once again fully operational! The alternate camera of my older, slightly worn-and-torn mobile phone, can now resume ‘backup’ status, with more vibrant, HD pictures and (possibly underwater) videos coming soon, once again!

Now, remember to make no jokes about hijacking planes and stay tuned for more amazing and heart-wrenching tales of adventure, challenges, triumphs, failures, and redemption, at the one and only last bastion of free speech and all things good, Christian’s Chronicles!


The Management

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