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The most important question for the new year

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Share this with all your friends! With 2013 coming to an end, it is time to celebrate milestones and set new goals. But there is one question on everyone’s minds, and the suspense is reaching feverishly high levels as we approach New Year’s eve 2014:

Who will it be?

No, not the person of the year or the sexiest man or woman alive, nor the Nobel Prize winner or any such award recipient. The question on everyone’s minds and lips is, of course:

Who will be the first Featured Chronicle Reader of 2014?

This time, the editors have decided to let YOU decide! Nominate yourself or someone else, and tell us why your nominee should have the honor of joining our esteemed list of Featured Chronicle Readers featured in a publication that has a global reach of over 30 countries, not to mention in excess of 100 likes on Facebook! Our hand picked team of experts will narrow down the nominees to a select group, and the readers will then get to vote on who should be the fist Featured Chronicle Reader of 2014.

Simply fill out the form below to nominate yourself, or someone else:

Happy nominations, and do not forget to share this with all your friends so they can be part of the viral global expansion of the last bastion of honest journalism on the internet!


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