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Hear ye, hear ye, loyal minions of Christian’s Nation™! The time for New Year’s resolutions is nigh, and as faithful readers of ye olde Chronicles, ye are called upon to answer this here question:

What are thy resolutions for the new year?

As for your faithful editor, I will share a few:

  • My experiences working with All Hands Volunteers compel me to make an effort to spend more time volunteering where I can. It’s good karma, good for those in need, and often times a good time, too! Everyone wins!
  • I have a couple of projects about which I am very excited, but I have put them on the back-burner in favor of other things. I will make an effort to get these completed. One is an app I’d like to make for smart-phones! More on this in future editions of The Chronicles.
  • Worry less about money: it’s only money! There are more important things to worry about, but best is not to worry.
  • Although I prefer to be bigger and stronger at the expense of a little extra padding, nonetheless I reluctantly agree (to satisfy the demands of my adoring fans… 😉 ) to get freaking ripped in 2014!
  • And, of course, grow The Chronicles to global domination of all things on the Internet, and any other media invented by Al Gore!
most muscular pose

If not for the facial expression, this might be a good picture

I must stop now… perhaps I have shared too much already. But this should in no way stop you, dear reader, from sharing as much as you like via comments on the present publication or its corresponding Facebook page! And, as always, remember to ‘like’ us and tell all your friends about the most wonderful publication since the invention of the Internet, paper, and courier pigeons!


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