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Our latest featured reader

…is Alan! Here he is, doing some of the things he does best, in probable order of importance: (1) drinking, (2) gambling [and losing], and (3) playing with guns:

Alan, our featured reader, doing what he does best

Alan, our featured reader, doing what he does best

Alan has been an avid fan of The Chronicles ever since we launched our Facebook page… because Alan spends most of his time on Facebook, annoying people. When he is not annoying people on Facebook, he can be found at local watering holes annoying anyone within earshot.

That’s if those around him can understand the words coming out of his mouth.

The truth is, on a good day only 10% of his speech is understood by anyone, including people from his hometown, wherever that may be. Alan claims he is not Irish, although most people seem to think his unidentifiable accent resembles that.

It’s a good thing social media posts are typed, because that way his inflammatory remarks are slightly better understood by his intended audience – although rife with misspellings and errors in grammar. Nonetheless, Alan, today we salute you as a staunch supporter of The Chronicles and an ally to the cause, as we ask: with friends like you, who needs enemies?

Happy holidays!

The Management


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