Lessons from Bohol

Our temporary homes - and dryer
Our temporary homes – and dryer

During my time as a volunteer in Bohol I have learned a few things. Here’s my top ten:

1.  Spaghetti can be pink. And sweet.

2.  Some people are incredibly good at climbing very tall trees to fetch coconuts.

3.  Solid work-boots would have been a good investment, although they would have most likely been ruined. On a related note: good-bye running shoes.

4.  Working for no pay can be exhausting and fun at the same time.

5.  A “jeepney” is like the bastard son of a van and a truck.

6.  The sledgehammer is the mightiest of all tools.

7.  Sweat, blood, and rain can pull people together.

8.  The smiles and waves of children who have not much of anything can be the best motivation for work.

9.  When riding on top of a jeepney, it doesn’t matter if you sing out of tune.

10.  Volunteering is probably the best reason for traveling.


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