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Preparing for departure

As the loyal readers of The Chronicles are well aware, I will soon depart to the Philippines to work on relief efforts as a volunteer. Two disasters have struck there back-to-back; an earthquake followed by a devastating typhoon. I am making my preparations for the trip, and acquiring the necessary supplies. Here’s a recap of my efforts, and a couple of announcements.

Efforts to Prepare

I set up a GoFundMe page to collect donations to help defray the expenses. Where do donations go? Travel expenses, and necessary items. The organization I am working with has provided a list of things to bring, which includes:

  • Sleeping bag, mattress & sleeping pad
  • Tent
  • Personal gear & safety equipment, including safety glasses, work gloves, and dust masks
  • Work boots
  • Work shirts & pants (which WILL be destroyed)
  • Water bottle
  • First aid kit

And a host of other items. One of the other items on the list:


The CDC publishes a helpful list of recommended immunizations and health tips for travelers. I got shots in both shoulders. One is already sore, the other one should get there by tomorrow. This may be a slight setback physically, but it also set me back financially. Which reminds me – thanks to the generous contributors to my GoFundMe campaign! (Yes, I am plugging it as much as possible)

Yet another setback was the receipt of a jury summons. This could possibly interfere with my plans, but I should be able to get out of it. I do not mind fulfilling my civic duty as a juror, but I may have more important things to do… Also, I’m not sure if they’d want me on the jury, since I am a lawyer. However, I have served on a jury since I’ve passed the California Bar, so it is not out of the question.

At any rate, I am doing my best to tie up loose ends before I leave, and hopefully I won’t forget anything too important. Perhaps I should send pictures. Which reminds me… I have some announcements:

Announcing: The Featured Chronicle Reader

As a simple ‘thank you’ to the loyal readers of The Chronicle, we have instituted the Featured Chronicle Reader… feature. The first is Nathan, you can read about him here. Thanks for ‘liking’ our page on Facebook! This may become a regular feature of The Chronicles, unless of course it ends up turning away more ‘likes’ than attracting them…

Announcing: Rick the Model Volunteer!

I took inspiration from similar efforts elsewhere, and decided to anoint my buddy Rick as my travel companion and model. Rick will proudly show off his muscles and pose with illustrative photos on these Chronicles. As an example, and by way of introduction, see Rick with my travel-sized first aid kit:

Rick with travel med kit

Introducing: Rick the model volunteer

Rick will be there to document my travels in an aesthetically pleasing, pink tights kind of manner. For now, he’s just really excited to have almost everything ready to go!

Stay tuned for more of Christian’s Volunteer Chronicles, as Rick and I get on our way to the Philippines!

The Management


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