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Featured Chronicle Reader – Nathan

We are well on our way to 100 likes! So tell your friends to like Christian’s Chronicle because – well, why not?

We at The Chronicle would like to thank our readers who make it all possible. Thanks! We also wish to recognize featured readers with a feature we redundantly call our ‘Featured Chronicle Reader’ feature. So, without further ado, meet Nate:

Featured Reader Nathan

Featured Reader Nathan

Nathan, our first featured reader to be featured on our Featured Chronicle Reader feature, has been known to bellow a very special rendition of ‘War Pigs’ during karaoke nights. He has been an avid fan of The Chronicles ever since he engaged in numerous professional wrestling encounters with our staff. The highlight of these was a mixed-tag-team match involving Nathan and a female mystery partner. The match started as a one-on-one affair, with a steady buildup of “Woo!”-inducing chops and body-slams to the audible appreciation of the capacity crowd outside of Boswell’s, one of Campbell’s renowned hotspots for pro wrestling action. Just as the match appeared to reach its zenith, the mystery partner executed a well-timed run-in with devastating effects. The opposition was laid out via double-clothesline, followed up by a coup-de-gras that left the crowd gasping for air, like the calm before a storm of applause. She executed the atomic butt drop with a surgeon’s precision, leaving the defeated opponent bloodied and bruised on the ground. Visitors to this day commemorate the event with occasional chants of “holy s_-t!”

Today, we salute and thank you, Nathan, for your support of The Chronicles! We hope to continue to provide content worthy of your discriminating taste, if only to avoid another atomic butt drop!

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