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Where donations go

First, many thanks to those who have contributed to my GoFundMe campaign! Your help is very much appreciated.

I thought I’d post an update to clarify where the money is going, in case it is not clear. As I wrote elsewhere, I have the opportunity to work with All Hands Volunteers, a non-profit organization doing work in the Philippines. However, it is not cheap for me to do so. They provide 3 meals a day while I am there, and a place to set up my tent.

Yes, I will be living in my own little tent.

They have communal living, and I have to pay my way to get there (airfare, not cheap) and provide my own supplies & equipment. So this volunteering gig is costing me a pretty penny, not to mention the time lost. It’s not like I’ll be getting paid while I am there…

I tried to convey this with my ‘Wish List’ on my GoFundMe page, but perhaps it was not clear. At any rate, I am putting forth a hefty investment, and I was hoping to get your support. After all, that is how volunteers and volunteer organizations work. They do the work, and collect donations to pay for it.

Rest assured, I will not in any way profit from your donations. For one thing, I set a goal of $2,500. This is not likely to cover all my costs. But even if I should receive more money than I spend (not a very likely possibility) I will donate any excess directly to charities working on relief efforts in the Philippines. In the very unlikely event that some gracious benefactor decides to give me the whole $2,500, I will simply divert the excess funds to charity and close my page.

I’m not looking to make money!

I will work there and attempt to provide regular updates. So think of me as your personal adopted volunteer, much like the little boys and girls you can adopt for just pennies a day! I’ll even write you personal letters, if you like.

But that would be creepy….

Anyway, I will probably post another video about this, just because a picture is worth 1000 words, and a video must therefore be worth 1,000,000.

Thanks again, and don’t forget to donate & tell all your friends to do so!

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