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Resort Robbery

I hate hidden fees.

I used to have a phone bill with a carrier that would tack on various taxes and fees, seemingly different each month, so I never really knew how much my bill would be or what I was paying for. The bill itself was a set number, but the variable add-on charges made the total a thing of mystery each month.

I switched.

Now I am on a flat-rate plan, with no hidden fees. I like that.

So when I look to book a room, I like to see the rate, the actual rate I am going to pay, up front. I don’t like to get the bait-and-switch BS of a ‘resort fee’ and whatever else they can think up to charge an additional fee for no good reason. I looked for a room in Vegas online. I found cheap rates. Very cheap. $36 dollars on the strip cheap.

Great! Right? Well, not so fast.

Add on the ‘resort fee.’ How much? $20 per day. Ok, so that’s still only $56 per day. But it is almost double the advertised rate! From a little over $30 we’ve jumped to a little under $60. They sucker you in with a low advertised rate, then tack on a fee for which I see no rational justification to hike it back up to full price.

This has to be some kind of a violation. Misleading advertising? Fraud? Granted, the fine print does mention the resort fee. But if you are going to charge a fee for God knows what no matter what, shouldn’t you be required to include that in your quoted price? Believe me, I tried to get rid of this fee. I asked what it was for. Apparently it is for internet, access to the fitness room, and your daily paper.

I don’t need any of these. But I still cannot get rid of this ‘resort fee.’

I may have to resort to drastic measures of my own in my battles against resort fees. Perhaps that is why they call them resort fees – it is what they have resorted to in pursuit of profits. I think it is a flat out lie.

You do NOT have rooms at $36. Your rooms are $56. That’s the lowest price, so quit the BS.

Call me cheap, but I think it is wrong to get me all excited with a low rate, only to leave me with blue… Well, you get the idea. In the end, I simply gave in. They wear you out. You simply get tired of shopping around, and pay the ‘resort fee’ because it is just not worth the fight. I gave it a valiant effort, but I only have so much time and patience.

Pay the damned resort fee, write a blog about it, and move on.


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