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Playing with Tigers

One of the more memorable things I had the opportunity to do in Thailand was playing with real life tigers. I opted to get in the cage with ‘medium’ size tigers, which are still pretty darn big. I’m sure I would not do to well against the mid-size cats, but I think it was a better deal and perhaps I thought I’d stand a better chance against one of these in case the cat got hungry. Luckily, nothing of the sort happened. I am pretty sure this is not something I would have the chance to do back home. Those darned lawyers would not allow people to take such risks! 😉 Also, I do not know if any tourists ever get mauled playing with tigers, but it probably would not make the news. For one, I don’t think they care quite as much, and they also would not want to drive tourists away with bad publicity. Maybe we are just too uptight about risks back home…

Well here is a gallery of images showing why I am not a good life insurance risk:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I will also add the link to the video of the tigers playing in the pool, shortly. Here it is:


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