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Jeompin for joy

Traveling can be a meaningful experience in opening one’s eyes to the important ways in which we are all the same deep down inside. But it is the culture shock and the superficial differences that make it fun. Thus far, during my trip to Thailand I’ve had some experiences of things that are just part of the everyday culture here, but would be highly unusual back home, such as the ‘squatting pan’ during my brief stop in Singapore, and the meals of fried insects sold by street vendors here in Phuket.

While watching TV in Phuket, Thailand, I also had the chance to experience Korean pop music at its finest, in the form of a video by an all-girl group that goes by the name Crayon Pop. It has all the attributes of manufactured, soulless, bubble-gum, consumer music – and I cannot get the song out of my head. I do not know if it is the lyrics (partly) in broken English (such as “I don’t want to stick at home now…”) or the fact that the group’s name itself is a pun (try pronouncing ‘Crayon’ with a heavy Asian accent), or the silly but skillful choreography of the video, but somehow it got inside my dome like so many other pop hits we hate to love or love to hate. You be the judge.

I’m not sure if this song is getting any airplay back in the States, as I generally do not pay attention to such things. However, it appears that some in the US Military have taken notice of the song. It’s new to me, so I thought I’d share and see what you think. Here’s a link to yet another cultural discovery from my trip. Crayon Pop: Bar Bar Bar.


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