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Where to volunteer

I’ve been in Phuket since Saturday, and I have started to settle into the grove here. As mentioned in a prior post, I have obtained the essentials, such as my scooter. I’ve also added more photos to the Thailand album on the Facebook page of the Chronicles. I am beginning to get the lay of the land, albeit not without some setbacks. I have some sort of a rash, perhaps merely the result of heat and humidity, around my neck. Also, I am still licking my wounds from the spill I had on the way down from the Big Buddha. The kindness and generosity of the waitress who tended to my injuries was a touching reminder of hope in humanity’s redeeming qualities.

Just as I was beginning to give in to the serene beauty of mother nature’s many wonders surrounding me here, I was startled by the sobering reality of the destruction her awesome forces can cause. The minor inconveniences I’ve encountered in the past few days pale in comparison to the tragedy experienced in the Philippines. Thousands dead, and hundreds of thousands displaced, not too far from where I am. Perhaps motivated by the example of the ad hoc doctor who bandaged me up on the way down from the hilltop where Big Buddha sits in solemn repose, I wanted to find a way to get involved and help.

There are plenty of opportunities to donate. Mainstream news organizations have put out lists of charities seeking financial contributions. Charity Navigator is also very helpful in providing information on transparency and effectiveness, and at this time there are also guidelines specific to the current situation in the Philippines.

However, I would like to do more than just send a small amount of money. I would like to take the opportunity to help in a more hands-on manner. I started to look at charitable organizations that do just that, and are willing to accept volunteers. I have found:

All Hands Volunteers: they had already been working on earthquake relief efforts in the Philippines when the storm hit. I filled out the contact information to see if I can somehow fly over and help out.

I have found some other ones that look promising, but I am not sure if I’ll get through or just get lost in the shuffle, as I am sure there are plenty of people contacting these organizations at this time.

SO, my question: does anyone know of any organizations that are willing to accept volunteers to help out with the relief efforts in the Philippines? I would like to fly there and help out, if possible. I’m also open to other ideas on how to do more than just send a few dollars to some charitable organizations.

Suggestions? Comments? Respond here or via Facebook.


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