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Just say Phuket

Thailand, day 1. I arrived in Phuket after a long and arduous journey, complete with needless extended layover without hotel room and long trans-pacific flight in cramped seats. However, the trials seem to be worth it. This place is beautiful, and once I adjust to the time-change and the effects of jet-lag wear off, I will continue my explorations.

Thus far, I have obtained the two most important things around these parts: (1) accommodations, and (2) a scooter. Everyone rides scooters, and the cost makes it well worth it, which seems to apply to almost everything here.

My knowledge of Thailand is as yet in its infancy, but the people seem to be nice enough, there are plenty of tourists and expats from Russia and elsewhere, and there are a few Muay Thai gyms around here, all of which should make my stay a little more interesting. Also, the scenery is stunning, the beaches are beautiful, and everything is cheap.

The suspicions of some of my Facebook friends may have merit. I may never come home!

Pictures and more detailed updates coming soon.


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