Christian's Chronicles

July| Vol. 22 No. 8.02 | Christian's Chronicles © 2015 – All rights reserved.

Life, chunk by chunk

This edition of the Chronicle has no introduction. It would take too long. I propose that in our ephemeral reality of sound bites, tweets, and status updates, we may be evolving, or rather adapting, to experience life in more condensed, short-lived chunks.

Next chunk: Another byproduct of the interconnected external extension (and expression) of our selves we call social media is the luxury of shared photos. Hence, free-riders such as I can rely on the equipment and talents of others to capture the moment. Thanks to online posts by fellow members of the Mighty 191st JAOBC, I had occasion to re-live some of the events that will continue to tug at the ol’ heart-strings, by way of emotional attachment, albeit through the medium of cyberspace.[1]

That was then. This is now. What of the intervening two weeks? Seems like a lifetime, which began with a broken tooth but ended with a broken heart (of sorts); both mended, and I ended up with two crowns, still smiling, ready to embark upon new adventures, but not quite the king I had hoped to be. Let’s try to break it down into manageable chunks.

The incisor-gate incident has been well documented elsewhere. (And here) It suffices to say that thanks to the recently acquired dental insurance through the military, the unfortunate calamity that resulted from my perhaps overly eager consumption of beef ribs had a happy ending. After a bumpy road of re-adjusting temporary fixes while waiting for the lab to ship the permanent ones, I am now happy to report that my smile is once again at least as beautiful as it once was, though arguably Dr. Mola has managed to improve upon the magnificence of my kisser.

I have also obtained a brand new passport. My previous one was expired, bearing all the signs of heavy use, and full of marks from my global travels. Much like myself. The pure, crisp, unsoiled pages of the new book rise from the ashes of the old as a phoenix ready to soar and take on the world with renewed vigor. I hope to do the same… You will surely want to stay tuned for my upcoming globe-trotting adventures, rumored to start in Asia in the near future.

What else may have happened in October 2013? Did a man, an invited guest to one party in an affluent hillside neighborhood at a house with a breathtaking view of the bay, decide to go on a moonlight stroll, lured by the siren-call of celebrations from another house? Could he have been nonchalant enough not to arouse suspicion while entering in plain sight? What audacity may have caused a man such as this to mingle among the guests of a host he did not know? Did the eyes of two strangers meet in the crowd? Was it something about that night that made them take a chance? Was love just a glance and a warm embracing dance away as they meandered through the courtyard toward the pool? Was it the beginning of a whirlwind romance, emotions welling up, as forceful, as unfamiliar as the strange feeling of adolescent first love?

Or were they just drunk?

We may never know. The story of their brief romance is too long to fit the constraints of social media.

[1] The interests of both space and style (intermingled in this post) prevent inclusion of such tales of yore here. Perhaps future editions of the Chronicle will recount some of these legends.


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