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Crisis averted – thus read the headlines across the nation. Although our government cannot agree on a budget, we can all agree that the temporary fix patching up the gaping hole in my teeth is a step in the right direction. Moments ago, I looked like this:


But now, mere hours after the as yet undetermined incident that caused the disfigurement depicted above, I look like this:


Sure, it is only a temporary fix and the permanent solution will take much longer to accomplish. But it is a step in the right direction. And that is exactly what many would like our government to do. Toothgate has been temporarily averted. Note that the crisis that has been dubbed ‘toothgate’ in international media is not an indication of the source of the gaping hole depicted in the first image above. Reports of a revenge head-kick also appear to be exaggerated. Rather, ‘toothgate’ is an oft repeated and annoying reference to the Watergate scandal, which gave birth to everything and anything being dubbed FILL IN THE BLANK – gate. We also realize that this did not need explanation, and indeed little, if anything, was added by the preceding few sentences. Nonetheless, management feels that needless explanation of attempted jokes makes said jokes funnier.

Remain calm, and keep drinking the cool-aid.

The Management.

UPDATE: October 16, 2013. Even more beautiful permanent crowns were installed by one Dr. Mola, for a truly [fill in the endorsement of tooth-care product brand]-smile!


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