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Thanks to the wonders of modern technology, anyone with internet access can type into almost any search engine the words:


and come up with the definition: “a pause or gap in a sequence, series, or process.” Not that most literate types would need to look up this word; but it doesn’t hurt to double-check the spelling, and perhaps learn something new about its meaning or origins. Those interested in etymology can try ‘etymology:hiatus’ and see what comes up.

The Chronicles have been on hiatus for several months. As you may or may not know, the editor-in-chief has been occupied with training. What kind of training? Army training! Yes, yours truly has been going through the rigors, trials and tribulations, emotional ups and downs, challenges to intestinal fortitude, and various other cliches, all with reference to the Judge Advocate Officer Basic Course (JAOBC). I have faced the challenge, and lived to tell tales the blood, sweat, and tears that I have experienced since June 16. I am a First Lieutenant! Just as soon as my training is complete…. The government shuts down.

Currently, I am preparing for my next adventure, which will likely lead me to far away places (probably on the continent of Asia), but the full details are yet to be known or revealed to the avid readers of the Chronicle. Suffice it to say that in the mean time I will try to think of ways to re-tell the (perhaps) fictionalized accounts of my (mis-)adventures along this long, strange trip that took me from Sacramento to Georgia on less than 2 days’ notice, then to Charlottesville, Virginia, and finally back home.

There is much to tell, and some things that probably should not be told. I will tell all, regardless. (Unless of course it jeopardizes my security clearance. I don’t need to screw that up…) For now, just be joyful that the Chronicles will resume regular publication.


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