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Bless my teeth

As mentioned previously, for the past few months (Since June 16, to be exact) I was on Active Duty for training in the military. During that time, I was covered by the wonderful government provided health insurance known as Tricare. I have returned to California, and I have elected to continue coverage under the Tricare Reserve program, which is for members of the reserve components. I also opted for dental coverage, because I knew I was due for a cleaning. I was a bit reluctant to pay the extra $10, however. I thought – why get dental coverage? I’ll just pay for the cleanings, and what’s the worst that could happen?

Well, this is:


I cracked my front choppers. I need a crown! Luckily, I’ve already had a temporary fix applied, to restore my irresistible smile to its natural glory. However, this just goes to show you… something. In fact, I am not sure whether the lesson to be learned is: (1) get dental insurance when you have the chance, because this could happen; or (2) this type of stuff happens to yours truly with alarming frequency (such as the time I got insurance and almost immediately crashed my brand new motorcycle); or (3) I still look pretty much irresistible, even with a large gap in my front choppers.

I am leaning toward (3). Don’t you agree?

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2 comments on “Bless my teeth

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  2. Steph
    October 7, 2013

    Did tinsman kick you??!!

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