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Memorial Day

Memorial Day weekend was a time to remember the men and women who have fallen in the line of duty, serving our country in the armed forces. While the politics of war may often leave a bad taste in one’s mouth, nonetheless, the optimistic dreams of peace must yield to the sober reality of the inevitable pragmatic necessity of force to preserve rule of law. In a healthy democracy the public can and should continue to question the value, nature, and objectives of our nation’s military campaigns. It is theoretically possible that perhaps one day humanity will, through some miracle, reach such an enlightened state so as to make war obsolete. If that day ever comes, it will be a miracle, indeed. As yet, we have ample evidence to indicate that we still have a long way to go before reaching this Nirvana. Whether or not one agrees with any given conflict in the history of our nation, one must admit that freedom is a fragile creature that requires the constant vigilance of legal and military protection. This will likely forever require putting at risk the lives of the men and women brave enough to take on this enormous responsibility. Today, we honored those who have made the ultimate sacrifice. Thank you for your service on our behalf.

But it was also a busy couple of days for various other reasons; events that happened to coincide with the three day weekend. In what follows, I will just do a quick, informal account of what I did.

Armed with a tripod and a camcorder, I conducted several interviews for a new project I am working on. Since I already had a camera on me, I took the opportunity to go downtown and see what the ‘March Against Monsanto’ was all about. Due to my prior obligations I arrived at the tail end of the event, at the Plaza de Cesar Chavez park, but I did have a chance to interview a couple of people there. Unfortunately I had a mishap with the mic, and one of the interviews recorded no volume.

I realize that this was an international event, with numerous marches held simultaneously in several countries. However, in San Jose, it may have been overshadowed by another gathering of a different sort. There must have been some kind of an animation festival, or something similar, because there were hundreds of people dressed up as characters (which I mostly did not recognize). Perhaps this is an alarming indication of our warped priorities… There was also an additional event at the same place; the ‘future roots’ – thing? This was something of a celebration of Asian-American culture and contributions to our society, focusing on the younger generation who will become the roots for the next generation (I’m guessing?).

I did not have time to stick around to nail down all the details. I had to rush over to the Taco Festival. I did not want to miss the Lucha Libre… And, after an epic struggle to find a parking spot, I did see some good ol’ fashioned pro wrestling (and some masked luchadors, too). I also had the opportunity to scarf down some tacos.

I had quite the action packed day! And it was not even half way over. But I must stop writing now, because I am getting tired and I have not written anything all that noteworthy or of interest to anyone other than myself. I’ll sleep on it and try to come up with better material for next time.

Oh, and if I could invest in an upgrade, I’d be able to host the video footage right here on this lovely blog. Do I hear pledge drive?

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