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Holy Crap! I agree with Glenn Beck?

Well, this does not happen very often. And for good reasons, too. I am not partial to conspiracy theories, nor do I often agree with agendas that amount to nothing more than emotional agitation and pandering to a particular viewpoint with little or no basis in logic. Yes, that is my opinion of what Glenn Beck does, based on the few episodes of his now defunct (I think) TV show. Then again, perhaps he’s grown beyond that… Probably not.

But I happen to agree with him on this occasion.

I agree that there was something odd in the way CNN’s Wolf Blitzer repeatedly asked Oklahoma tornado survivor Rebecca Vitsmun if she thanks the Lord. He seemed to be pressing the issue, and it is difficult for me to see why he would even ask that question in the first place. It is also hard to believe that he would not be given some information about the subject he is interviewing ahead of time. More than likely, they would also prepare the subject for the questions so as to ensure that the interview flows smoothly once it is being recorded.

So maybe there is something to Beck’s argument that the question was not only peculiar, but purposely asked by Blitzer to make a point. I doubt that it is due to some spiritual war against Christians; but yes, I agree with Beck that it was to point out that there are atheists even in the heartland of America, this, the ostensible last bastion of religion among Western democracies.

What better way to highlight the politically correct diversity and tolerance championed by its fervent believers as the hallmarks of a more ‘open minded’ and ‘progressive’ society? Not that I have anything against diversity, equality, and tolerance, and other ideals frequently represented only as terms with which those who think themselves better separate themselves from the inferior. It’s just that I think these notions, too, have been co-opted by corporate interests for the sake of efficiently marketing more easily digestible flavors of bullshit to satisfy a more eclectic variety of tastes. The process has yielded single-minded herds of conformity united by an unquestioning faith and credo of open-mindedness so strong that no room remains for divergence as the clones assimilate into their prearranged stations of expressions of individuality.

The faith of these true believers in the righteousness of their cause, and the corresponding condemnation of those with whom they disagree, such as Beck, is the reason why I have to preface many of my posts with disclaimers that amount to “Yes, I agree with your PC motivation and goals, but…” This is why I have to also note my own surprise at the fact that I happen to agree with Glenn Beck in this case. Nowadays, it is almost impossible for those who are caught up in the manufactured, polarized political divide, to admit that those on the opposite sides can sometimes make valid points. It is so much easier to resort to ad hominem attacks than to argue against another’s logic.

You see, I mostly support the same causes as those ‘politically correct’ herds. For example, I don’t really see a problem with so-called ‘gay marriage,’ although I believe that to use a math symbol in a little red square on social networks ostensibly distinguishing yourself as better than the rest because you are on the side of ‘equality’ is tantamount to cyber terrorism.

Oh gosh, no! How can he say such things? Is he a homophobe, or just prone to hyperbole? Neither. (Ok, arguably the latter.) I, like most who do not live under a rock, also have gay friends. (Yes, I used the plural.) This may sound hard to believe, but reasonable (as opposed to bigoted) minds can disagree as to whether the ‘gay marriage’ issue has anything to do with equality, or whether we should use the term ‘gay marriage’ at all to describe same-sex unions.

By now, drinking in the rich flavorful essence of my writing, you may have noticed that I pick my words with purpose. If you haven’t noticed yet, just go back and read the foregoing paragraphs a few more times. I’m sure you’ll get up to 60% of the intended meaning. Repetition is the mother of knowledge! In any event, this incident with Wolf Blitzer’s arguably (un)scripted interview of the lone atheist in all of Oklahoma, and Glenn Beck’s reaction, has a much deeper and instructive meaning than the possible conspiracy theories regarding forced diversity or religious backlash.

It provides material for the single greatest literary and journalistic phenomenon of the 21st century:

Christian’s Chronicles!


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