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Debt: the new slavery

The crisis that is about to break out involves student debt and how we finance higher education. Like the housing crisis that preceded it, this crisis is intimately connected to America’s soaring inequality, and how, as Americans on the bottom rungs of the ladder strive to climb up, they are inevitably pulled down — some to a point even lower than where they began.” (Joseph E. Stiglitz)

Please read: Student Debt and the Crushing of the American Dream, by Joseph E. Stiglitz, available at: (in case the above link does not work for whatever reason).

I will certainly post some my thoughts on this topic, as it is something I have been concerned about for quite some time. At this time, however, rather than giving my opinion, I only have time to reference someone else. Please take the time to read the above referenced piece by Joseph E. Stiglitz. Then, get back to me with comments!


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