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Teen mom sex tape

This story kills me.

As reported by Amanda Hess on, apparently there is/was a show on MTV (Where else? I might be aware of if it if I could stand to watch MTV for longer than it takes to skip through the channel, and that’s when I have time for TV! But I digress…) called ‘Teen Mom’ and a former ‘star’ of the show attempted to capitalize on her fame (notoriety?) by ‘leaking’ a video showing in explicit detail the types of acts that got her on that show in the first place.

Yes, she made a sex tape.

And when her male counterpart refused to play along with the “oh my gosh, this was not a publicity stunt” gimmick, she got mad and accused him of… all things (yikes!) the biggest insult to a man (pun intended) of having a….

…(wait for it)…

SMALL PENIS! I’ll pause to allow that to sink in. (Pun, again, intended)

By the way, she also took care to note that she has not acquired a statistically relevant body of experience to be able to competently judge the adequacy of the size of the aforementioned body-part.

The co-star did not even bother to respond to the allegations; apparently his junk speaks for itself. Not having seen the video, I can only take Amanda Hess at her word. But let’s focus on the bigger issues. Apparently, this gem titled “Backdoor Teen Mom” is one of the rare mainstream porn videos aimed at women, who also happen to be the target audience of the Teen Mom show, as well as comprising most of the fan base of the co-star (with the stage name of James Deen). Ms. Hess gently but convincingly seduces the reader to move beyond the superficial layers of the ‘scandal,’ exposing more interesting, significant topics by gently probing ever-deeper into the hidden values, assumptions, and cultural practices we may have subconsciously internalized and therefore be hesitant to face initially, but which, when we relinquish control and allow ourselves to confront, are stripped away to unleash a flood of rich and compelling intellectual and emotional content that had heretofore been dormant.

All of this, of course, is related to sexual shaming, cultural norms of acceptable behavior, feminism, and various other issues I have commented on elsewhere. I would like to say much more on this topic, but I could never say it as eloquently as Teen Mom herself did on her twitter account:

UPDATE: I had to add this tidbit. A quote by James Deen, explaining why he would not play along with the fake story of the leaked tape: “Adult film star James Deen said the sex tape producers ‘wanted to send us out on a date and then call the tabloids to come. I told them I am not a prostitute and I’m not going to go on fake dates with people for the tabloids.’

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