Christian's Chronicles

July| Vol. 22 No. 8.02 | Christian's Chronicles © 2015 – All rights reserved.


Resurrected from the dead, Christian’s Chronicles™ once again resumes its position as the leading polluter of cyberspace! Having festered in obscurity for too long, enduring the thoughtless comments of imbeciles posted in other forums, Christian’s Chronicles™ now rises like a phoenix from the ashes to once again reign with the fire of truth and the terror of wisdom washing over the information superhighway like a tsunami! For this, the clarity of truth and reason, appears now as pollution in a forum where the least informed now preach upon platforms built on confirmation bias, and the ignorant lack the humility to defer to the wise.

For too long, we have endured the myopic posts of lesser minds in forums of limited capacity, both in terms of volume as well as intellectual capacity, offering the occasional gentle nudge toward reason, only to be rebuffed by emotionally charged ignorance. The tender well of wisdom has overflowed with drops of righteous indignation. At last, the levy has broken and the flood of our wisdom shall be unleashed upon the ignorant masses in the only forum worthy of such revelation: Christian’s Chronicles™!

Friend or foe, you are both welcome here as long as your passions are guided by reason. Come one, come all, and feast on the tasty bits of The Chronicles served on a platter of infinite abundance and with an intoxicating cup of bottomless reflection!


The Management


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