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Olympic wrestling

Some time ago it was announced that amateur wrestling is now on the chopping block, possibly losing its status as an Olympic sport by 2020. I was startled and enraged by this news, and I posted my thoughts on this topic in various other forums. I have reproduced my post below. This was my immediate reaction to the unfortunate news, and it also serves to introduce readers to my theories on sports.


Wrestling is the oldest and purest sport known to man, and one of the foundations of the Olympics. To even consider it in the same sentence as ‘wakeboarding’ and ‘roller-sports’ is ridiculous. If you want to watch spoiled brats do stunts with the aid of technology, go watch the x-games or the winter Olympics. But please keep the original summer Olympics true to the spirit of competition by honoring sports that embody that principle best. Sports that pit man against man, without the aid of tools, accessories, or technology, in a contest for dominance that tests one’s determination against another’s.

No other sport comes close to wrestling in this regard. It is superior in these aspects even to other combatives such as Judo, Karate, or boxing. Unlike Judo, wrestling is more pure precisely because it does not depend on the use of a Gi, but only the leverage of the physical bodies of the contestants themselves. Also, unlike Judo, wrestling does not include submission holds, which I of course am a big fan of, but which render an activity more in the nature of self-defense than sport per se, since such maneuvers are by nature designed to injure and incapacitate an opponent. Wrestling, on the other hand, is the pure friendly contest that sport is meant to be, still focused on determining a winner by physical dominance, but without the inclusion of techniques that are designed to injure the opponent.

This is also why wrestling is superior to other sports I quite enjoy, such as Boxing and Karate (or even Mixed Martial Arts, but then again that is not a sport currently competing with wrestling for inclusion in the Olympics). These sports are designed to achieve victory by injuring the opponent. Only wrestling, therefore, is a pure sport among the combatives, in that maneuvers that are designed to injure the opponent are illegal, and no equipment (such as a Gi, or gloves, or pads) is required, but instead it relies only on the physical attributes of the contestants to determine the winner.

This, the oldest and purest of all sports, now has to justify why it deserves inclusion in the Olympics more than pastime activities such as wake-boarding. It is absurd.


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