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The Passion of the Chronicle

Recently I read an article on NPR that is partially responsible for the resurrection of Christian’s Chronicles™. It was about a recent Ivy League graduate, who was unsure of what to pursue in life, because he had not found his ‘passion.’ This made me reflect upon my pursuits. I have an eclectic range of experiences that include competing as a professional mixed-martial-artist, working as a network engineer and attorney, and various other things.

However, in the back of my mind there was always the lingering suspicion that what I am really destined to do is: publish Christian’s Chronicles™!

Perhaps this suspicion will turn out to be false. But it does not hurt to give it a shot, just to see what happens. At any rate, here is the link to the aforementioned article. You can also listen to the story or read the transcript by following the corresponding links on that page.

PS: The reason why my Facebook friends are seeing all these status updates with links to Christian’s Chronicles™ is because I’ve linked my blog to my FB account. Since it is the first day of the resurrection of the Chronicles, there are many updates. The frequency of these is sure to fade in the future… I only have so much time for idle nonsense, after all.


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