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Hiking with Obama

While on special assignment in the Hawaiian islands researching the ever-elusive phenomenon of “White Christmas,” our correspondents stumbled upon an even bigger scoop just when all hope of a good … Continue reading

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Food for thought

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Happy New Year

Well then, here’s a look back at 2015 and looking forward to 2016!  I have had the good fortune to meet many wonderful people all over the globe, including Alaska, … Continue reading

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Another first

You should not reinvent the wheel, or so the saying goes.  But sometimes that is just what the doctor ordered. Pop culture seems to be dominated by a stunning absence of creativity, … Continue reading

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Having just recently returned to the continental United States after an extended absence and travels through many exotic locations (newsflash: I am back), a Chronicle reflecting upon my experiences and … Continue reading

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6 years since yesterday

The sun has just set over Kathmandu.  We made our way back through streets bustling with cars, motorbikes, and people in what appears to be a contest with few rules … Continue reading

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Upcoming issues of The Chronicles will take a hands-on, in-depth look at disaster relief work in Nepal, where volunteers from far and wide, including places such as the United States and … Continue reading

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September 13

Another year has come and passed.  Definitely older, perhaps wiser, but none the richer, I write this while standing in Melissa McCarthy‘s shadow as one among the few vacationers and even fewer … Continue reading

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