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Heading back to the UFC!

I am tired of watching from the sidelines!  It wasn’t so long ago when I made an honest living fighting for money in a cage.  Sitting at an office job … Continue reading

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Some words have multiple meanings, which may or may not bear some relation to one another.  Resignation is such a word.  It is with resignation that I can only tell … Continue reading

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Well damn

Cain Velasquez is human. As I write this Chronicle, a new champion begins his reign as the latest incarnation of the baddest man on the planet holding the UFC heavyweight … Continue reading

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Marketing Isms

I have dealt with my fair share of “isms.” In addition to my storied past as pro wrestling referee, artist, and IT professional, as well as of course MMA fighter … Continue reading

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What is on the inside

…is what counts.  At least that is how the saying goes.  This will be one of those Chronicles where I am sure to put my foot in my mouth, as … Continue reading

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The legend of Exploding Fist

In this edition of The Chronicles, we again take a look back to days of old, because that is what we must do to make the present bearable.  Back to … Continue reading

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My date with Ronda Rousey

There I was, a few short years ago, sitting at a table with Ronda Rousey.  All eyes were fixed on me, somewhat aghast at the profanity laden tirade I had just … Continue reading

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Mike Swick made another video to put me to shame

Mike and I have had many adventures together, some of which might be Chronicled on ye olde Chronicles.  While I write silly updates, he produces quality videos not to mention … Continue reading

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