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Seoul survivor

In this edition of The Chronicles, our hero continues his worldwide adventure in the capital city of South Korea, site of the 1988 summer Olympic games, Seoul. A land of many wonders, which, due to language and cultural barriers, as yet remain mostly a mystery to a lonesome traveler continuing his journey toward the elusive … Continue reading


Christian’s Chronicles™ tell the epic struggles and misadventures of one man's attempts to distract himself from the immense injustice of crushing student loan debt he is doomed to suffer as a result of having attended McGeorge School of Law. He is currently a practicing attorney, and formerly a professional MMA fighter, philosophy professor, IT professional, artist, and international person of intrigue... or was that person of interest? Be that as it may, follow along as the Original F-List Celebrity™ and self-proclaimed Facebook Bouncer™ embarks upon new adventures.

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