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Whiteboys gotta shout

Why?  Junk in the trunk. Fonda may not have a motor in the back of her Honda, but I have junk in the trunk.  Ok, so I am not referencing that timeless classic ode to superior posteriors everywhere, but I do have something to shout about. I have a trunk.  In my trunk. This may … Continue reading


Hi, I'm Christian, also known as "Hungarian Nightmare." I was born in Hungary, lived in Austria, and grew up in California. During that time, I have wrestled, worked as a janitor and day laborer, graduated from college, worked in the IT industry, traveled the world as a professional MMA fighter, earned a Juris Doctor, became a philosophy professor, worked as an attorney, but most importantly, I am the managing editor of Christian’s Chronicles™. Someday, I'll figure out my true calling. Drop me a line with suggestions, questions, or comments!

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