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Nothing makes me as intensely angry

After a long pause of contemplation, consecration, conservation, and condensation, there seems to be an overabundance of material to chronicle, but only so much time and precious real estate, somewhat surprisingly, upon the near-infinitude of the wide lanes of the information superhighway that so obligingly carries each Chronicle to the anxious ears, eyes, and whatever … Continue reading


Hi, I'm Christian, also known as the "Hungarian Nightmare." I was born in Hungary, lived in Austria, and grew up in California. During that time, I have wrestled, worked as a janitor and day laborer, graduated from college, worked in the IT industry, traveled the world as a professional MMA fighter, earned a Juris Doctor, became a philosophy professor, worked as an attorney, but most importantly, I am the managing editor of Christian’s Chronicles™. Someday, I'll figure out my true calling. Drop me a line with suggestions, questions, or comments!

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Complaint Department

Something not to your liking in Christian’s Chronicles™! Complain here. It's what we do, anyway... But keep in mind, our editor in chief is a retired MMA fighter.

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