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The petition for RT to offer a Military discount on public transit has almost reached its goal! Just in time for next week’s public meeting of the board of directors. It’s the home stretch! Let’s make sure the board of directors can see us reach the goal by next week! Thanks for the support. https://www.change.org/p/sacramento-regional-transit-offer-a-50-military-discount-on-public-transit


Hi, I'm Christian, also known as "Hungarian Nightmare." I was born in Hungary, lived in Austria, and grew up in California. During that time, I have wrestled, worked as a janitor and day laborer, graduated from college, worked in the IT industry, traveled the world as a professional MMA fighter, earned a Juris Doctor, became a philosophy professor, worked as an attorney, but most importantly, I am the managing editor of Christian’s Chronicles™. Someday, I'll figure out my true calling. Drop me a line with suggestions, questions, or comments!

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